PAT Testing

PAT Testing from as little as £30 or 70p per item throughout the North West

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) involves the testing and inspection of portable appliances to ensure they are in good electrical and physical condition, ensuring they remain safe to use.

The Electricity at Work Regulations require that all electrical equipment is maintained to ensure it is in a safe condition, this is a legal requirement. By employing Advanced Integrated Services to carry out Portable Appliance Testing you are complying with this legislation.

Many people get confused about what needs to be tested, the simple answer is, if it has a plug on it, it needs testing!

With over 20 years experience working in electrical safety, we are able to ensure that your appliances are safe, functioning correctly and ensure that the testing is carried out with minimal disruption, quickly and reliably.

Below is what is included in our cost:

  • PAT Testing carried out by trained and experienced engineers.
  • Visual inspection of each appliance.
  • Microwave Oven leak test.
  • Free fuse replacement (if required).
  • Plug rewiring/replacement (if required).
  • Minor repair service.
  • Labelling of each device to indicate PASS or FAIL.
  • Full results and assets register.
  • PAT testing Certificate of Compliance.



Our engineers will visit your premises at a time and date agreed, and carry out Portable Appliance Testing.

  • Up to 25 items for just £42.00
  • Each additional item tested will cost just 70p per test.


We recognise that some companies will only have just a few items of equipment, or may even run a mobile business and so we offer a drop in service. You can drop your portable appliances in to our office at an agreed time and date and we will test them for you.

  • Up to 10 items for just £30.00
  • Each additional item tested will cost just £1.50 per test.